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An Unholy Affair (e-book) Book #2 Foxbrooke Series

An Unholy Affair (e-book) Book #2 Foxbrooke Series

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An Unholy Affair: A Forbidden Love, Steamy, Small-Town Romantic Comedy

A divine connection and a sinful secret…

Vicar Eveline Shaw has always dreamed of finding ‘the one’, but her job keeps getting in the way. She may be kind and beautiful, but men run a mile when they discover who her boss is. Only one person has ever made her soul sing — a perfect stranger who walked away without a second glance.

Escort Jack Newton’s got a talent few men have, and it’s made him rich. But his job’s a dirty secret, and as his bank account gets bigger, his heart gets smaller. He left his one chance at happiness at a bar and didn’t look back.

When Jack’s dragged back to Somerset after his abusive father dies, he falls into a nightmare. His dream woman may be living in Foxbrooke, but she wants a happy-ever-after and he’s an escort with no plans to stick around.

Can Jack show Eveline heaven and keep his secret safe, or are they both headed straight for hell?

An Unholy Affair is a laugh-out-loud, forbidden love, super-steamy, small town romantic comedy with a heavenly happy ending! It’s written as a standalone but we think you’ll enjoy it even more after reading Love ad Lib first!

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