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One Night in Foxbrooke (Prequel) Audio

One Night in Foxbrooke (Prequel) Audio

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They’ve got one night for a second chance at love

When chef Ben ‘Kenobi’ Walker gets the call to help save a VIP dinner at Foxbrooke Manor, he doesn’t expect to run into old flame Leia Perry. She's all grown up and even more attractive than when they were teenagers - but she hasn't forgotten what happened ten years ago, and she definitely hasn’t forgiven him.

Hard-working Leia may be named after a princess but she's still waiting for her prince. Ben was her brother’s best friend, her first kiss and her first love. But he was also a liar — their kiss was nothing but a bet.

Now forced to work together under pressure, sparks fly. Will one night give Ben the second chance he needs to prove himself and win back Leia’s heart? Or will fate strike back and their love be lost in a galaxy far far away?

One Night in Foxbrooke is a short and sizzling second-chance romantic comedy with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a guaranteed happy-ever-after that’s out of this world!

Please note! This audiobook is read by a 100% real human (me!), produced and edited by another 100% real human, and proof listened to by another 100% real human. No AI was involved! By listening to this audiobook, you are supporting real people with real jobs. Thank you!

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